Application Requirements


It is essential for the candidates of graduate programs:

·         To hold an undergraduate diploma

·         To have a grade of at least 55 on ALES (Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam) 450 on GMAT, which is an internationally accredited exam, or 610 on “quantitative” part of GRE exam.

·         To meet the requirements determined by the head of department and to have  taken the language proficiency exam given by the institution unless the candidate has a certificate of KPDS/UDS or any other exams accredited by YOK ( Turkish Higher Education Institution )

·         To be successful in the interview/ aptitude test

·         To have a reference letter, a statement of purpose  showing the reason for applying  for the graduate program and competence in written and oral Turkish and/or foreign language skills

·         Exchange student applications are to be done in accordance with the admission requirements of the agreement signed between Maltepe University and the partner university.

·         Special students can take the courses approved by the head of the related department.